What is Barbecue?  The short answer is some mighty fine eating The whole notion of barbecue brings many different things to mind.  And they’re all GREAT!  Good barbecue requires fire, smoke, spices, sauces, nifty techniques, patience, lots of laughter and a whole lot of love.  Everything is better barbecued: ribs, chicken, fish, pork, juicy steaks and briskets, fruits and veggies, and basically whatever your heart desires.  We’re only limited by our imagination.   Barbecue is one of the few cooking styles that calls America it’s home, and we’re lucky to be able to enjoy different styles from across the country.  Please join Brian (my son and chief pitmaster)  and I as we all share some of our favorite recipes and stories with each other and have a blast along the way. 




May 6, 2015

At Our Office in Mayfield

June 23, 2015

Third Tuesday of the Month, 6 PM

July 22, 2015